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Baraboo, WI

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Re: One visible SSID broadcasted by 2 routers?

Well, cameras will still record on internal storage even if both APs go down, but obviously I won't be able to remotely see what's going on.

APs are on seperate circuits so I am minimizing potential problems by having 2 of them. And with 3 story home, I really need 2 routers. My old setup had just 1 on the 3rd floor and signal on the 1st floor was crap.

Hiccups happen sometimes even on best hardware/software and these 2 are WRT54GL and RT-N6, both running TomatoUSB by Shibby and I am quite pleased with performance.

I will definitely report back after using Windows for wifi connection and see what it will see.

I also forgot to mention that half way between 2 routers (on 2nd floor), there is a wireless speaker system and maybe once every 2 weeks or so, something happens that it maybe jumps a channel and completely blocks wifi signal. It haven't happened since I got the 2nd AP, so potentially 2 APs fixed the problem (they run on channel 1 and 11 now, so maybe just one gets blocked, letting the other run correctly and all clients switch seamlessly)

Chicago, IL
i never said you should keep 1 AP for the entire house, i am just saying, dedicate 1 AP to the cameras vs trying to worry about the hand off if 1 AP were to drop.

IMO, the odds of the AP going down, while you are not home for an extended period of time, are pretty slim.