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Lincroft, NJ
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Re: [DTA] DTA only gets Limited Basic???

said by telcodad:


[DTA] question on Digital Economy and DTAs
»[DTA] question on Digital Economy and DTAs


No DTA's with Digital Economy?
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said by rendrenner:


Forums are correct. Internal documentation is worded funny. DTA's are available only to customers with Digital Economy if the All digital move has been completed. The boxes will only display the limited basic lineup.

Thanks rendrenner See Profile for editing your post and clarifying things for us!


Grandville, MI
Heh. One document stated that DTA's can be used with Economy. That, unfortunately is all it stated. Kind of implies a lot. The other I consulted to find out when Walled Lake competed its B1 cut was a little more detailed. FWIW Walled Lake just completed its B1 cut on 12 Dec 2012. That milestone being passed now allows for customers with Economy to use DTA's on their account but they will only display Basic.

As to the OP's original concern, the DTA should still display the channels in the Digital Starter package. If there is a channel map for Ltd Basic on the outlet for that box, it needs to be removed.


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said by dishrich:

said by trythisfirst :

Have you signed up lately? This was supposed to have been taken away.

Yes, a couple month's ago & I DO get 1 FREE full box as part of my pkg. Also, all of the latest pricing we just got this month, ALL of the TV packages w/Family, Digital Economy & above, DO include 1 full digital box.

We had a sheet showing a actual date that preferred would get charged for all equipment. Either they backed down or it is about to happen lol.


Rochester, MI
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FWIW, ComcastSteve in the support area is going to try to help. Fingers crossed.

Oh, I noticed that my Mom's online account still suggests she only has limited basic and telephone - i.e. it does not reflect her Triple Play Starter XF package. Her bill for December also shows the same.....

If the DTA's should in fact be getting more than just the limited basic channels, it's a sad state of affairs that I've spent 2 weeks and have talked to countless CS agents, executive support, etc, and all they can do is sell me more equipment. I guess this means that 99.9% of the customers are getting screwed?