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Nick D
Orange, CA
reply to Skittles

Re: Haste cap?

said by Skittles:

said by Savious Zero:

Also, Settlers of Catan is fun as shit!

Leave it to the Germans to develop a game about expansion of a colony to take over a given land space.

Have you played Puerto Rico?

It involves you building up a plantation. One of the key game play actions is getting "settlers" from a captain, who drops off a bunch in a round, and leaves to refill afterwards.

And these settlers are represented by little brown tokens.


Its the best game I've ever played, but boy howdy are those implications unfortunate.

Yeah that is boderline racism, but I remember a guildie saying something about Worgens back in BC (when you would get those books in Kara and they would morph the user into a Worgen for a dps increase)...he stated something along the lines of it being racist how the Worgens were black animals in shackles that went beserk and also if you spell Worgen backwards.....well you get the picture.
I dont think blizzard was being racist when they made them but like you said the implications are unfortunate.