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East Texas

reply to diablo1892

Re: Gen 4 Speed Problem Solved

I can't tell if you are for or against HughesNet. Which is it diablo1892. What do you mean don't hold your breathe? I hope they are working on it, but they only have to Dec. 28th because the Exede is on sale until the 31st. I really don't know what to do. I don't want to change but I do want my service to at least work. I need internet for college and I have not been able the last week to use it at all unless it is 6 to 7:30 am. That is NOT right.

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All I know is I know them well enough, same goes to some of these others on here.. But Hughes is a tricky one, sometimes its pretty hard at guessing if its fully operational or not. Here's how i'm looking at it: A game company "just" released a brand new game and its everyones been waiting for it, for years. You think positive about it because you think its a great company, well you can't think positive about every single little thing, everyone has a difference in taste.. Anyway, the first day that video game is released, 50% of the company that made that game will already no longer support it or offer any updates on it, few months pass and the entire rest of that company looses support to that game.

Why might this happen you ask? Its all about the money, as long as the company gets money flowing to them, they can careless and move onto a new provider (like Gen4) or a new game. That simple
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San Andreas, CA
I mentioned the $58 Million Hughes got in recovery $ 2x .I told the Exec I was going to call my Senators,my Reps are Republican corporate suck ups,so a waste of time.

We'll see Windows and Mac users have more possible problems then Linux users like me.

It doesn't take an installer to come out to your home to check out the system,they can do that from Brownsville, they did that,and eliminated my equipment.Of course they seem to be looking for excuses,blaming the customer,when in many cases it is them.

They worked on our beam,that fixed it for us for now.Time will tell.It can't be that expensive to hire a large crew in Bangalore to keep rebooting their system beams until they get a permanent fix. Tier #1 Bangalore support seems more concerned they have 4 different identification questions answered.I said hey,here's my san # that's all you get you already have my home phone # thru caller ID unkay? That seemed to stop that sh**.Tier #1 is clueless.They put me on hold i was going to ask them if they had Ghee in their tea,they probably just put me on hold for a tea break.They couldn't even see all my 2 1/2 weeks speed test data they asked for.Clueless.I guess they wanted me to put it all in a Calc page,and email it to them.


San Andreas, CA
It's been more than 2 weeks since the "fix".I have near 10 Mbs mornings,and 2-3 Mbs at nite.So far the "fix" is holding.I did have better speeds after the installation,and "fix"at nite.Hughes contract includes slower speeds during high traffic times.The Gen 4 ads are not helping,with more customers comes slower speeds.

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY

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reply to ecoalex
said by ecoalex:

my Reps are Republican corporate suck ups,so a waste of time.

Curious perspective, given that (we) Republicans were almost unanimously against Stimulus I and II, not to mention all the "free money" crap that followed.
said by ecoalex:

It can't be that expensive to hire a large crew in Bangalore to keep rebooting their system beams until they get a permanent fix.

Clearly you have a thing or two to teach LSS (Loral Space Systems) and Hughes about "system beams".
If I might be so bold to suggest: perhaps consider limiting your criticism and/or comments to those subjects that you actually understand.
said by ecoalex:

with more customers comes slower speeds.

I think Hughes learned their lesson on this one. You're correct that - in the past - individualHughes connections slowed down as their assigned servers populated. But this time - unlike Exede - they are capping connection speed from the beginning. That way - as gateways populate - connection speeds remain (reasonably) constant. Right now Exede customers are generally enjoying speeds in excess of their subscription plans. But - as with Hughes customers in the past - it won't last forever.

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East Texas

Well as a customer who has both HughesNet and Exede. I sure am enjoying the speeds I have now on Exede.
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