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Dallas, TX

AT&T is a bunch of F******* Liars!

AT&T is a bunch of F***** liars!

I just got my UVerse bill!!

I was told when I called on 12/1 to switch from DSL to Uverse, I wasn't going to get a bill for 30 days - INSTEAD I get a bill generated on 12/7, one day after my Uverse was turned on.

I was also told at the time that the $14.23 credit I had on my DSL account will be applied to the first UVerse bill and that didn't happen.

I spent the last hr talking to someone in the phillippines, and not only did she not speak fluent English, she couldn't answer any of my questions.

She just kept repeating herself by reading the bill on her screen and telling me over and over that it's due January 3rd and it's $26.63 or something.

Then she said she was going to transfer me to billing in the USA and she transferred me to the wrong department.

The lady in the wrong department was trying to transfer me to the correct department and she transferred me to a recording that said the number I am trying to reach is no longer in service.

REFERENCE to the AT&T Hell I've been going through since end of August.


»How do I talk to AT&T Retention?


»AT&T Switching me to UVerse without my permission!

LEAD TO THIS THREAD I just posted today!

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San Jose, CA
·Pacific Bell - SBC
I can't offer any assistance, alas. I don't think U-verse is covered by state PUCs. I know my mother went through a year of battling SBC (buyer of AT&T) billing. In her case, it was voice service, not Internet, so it was resolved through a PUC complaint.

May I suggest a good novel? Joseph Heller's 1961 published, "Catch 22". It won't fix anything, but it is very a straightforward, and humorous, look at bureaucratic idiocy.

I don't think AT&T agents are lying so much as expressing Byzantine stupidity. Lies tend to have a certain perverse logic; the implication being that understanding the logic would allow one to "game the system". Your description underscores the fact that the 1984 breakup of Ma Bell did not end the bureaucratic idiocy embodied in Lily Tomlin's "Ernestine" skit: "We don't care {snort}. We don't have to care {long snort}; we're The Phone Company!"

Sorry that I can't offer anything more useful. I suspect that SBC should never have been allowed to remerge the broken pieces of AT&T.
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reply to AngryDallas
CRC (customer retention center) 800-928-6878, have your BAN ready


Tyler, TX
reply to AngryDallas
Angry, calm down or you're gonna blow a gasket.

I don't disagree w/ you, but sometimes (in spite of what a incompetent CSR told you), it often takes a couple billing cycles for all price changes, credits to show up on bill. they don't send out corrected bills for a bill that's already been printed/ sent. They wait till following bill to make corrections (if it's gonna happen).

I'd drink a beer or meditate or take a zanax & wait till next bill.
If you must talk to retention now, saying "Terminate Service" always worked for me when "auto guy" asks what you want, It'll route you to retention. Then ask if they work in the retention dept. And get their name.

And calm down, be polite but firm when you talk to them. Make notes of everything they say. Get a conf. #. Be polite. You may want to change your 1st name to Happy Dallas, or something.

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Att is absolute bottom of the barrel trash.

People only sign up because they are cheap, and you get what you pay for.


Dallas, TX
I logged into my UVerse account online today and there is now a credit and a do no pay on the first bill they just generated less than a week after my UVerse was activated.

Then I logged into my old DSL account that was disconnected on Thursday last week, the same day my UVerse was connected, and there is still a credit on that account and it says a check will be sent to me in the amount of that credit.

It didn't say how long it will take for the check to get to me.

AT&T even sent a text to my cell phone saying they put a credit on my UVerse account and to not pay the bill for $26.62

Btrieve Guy
Oklahoma City, OK
·AT&T Southwest
reply to DataRiker
said by DataRiker:

Att is absolute bottom of the barrel trash.

People only sign up because they are cheap, and you get what you pay for.

Or because there's no other available alternative...
Jim Kyle

That also


Dallas, TX
reply to jimkyle
That is true!

I used to have Comcast here.

It was alright, not great, but they didn't bother you when you download something.

Then Time Warner Cable took over.

One day I downloaded a 700MB Windows XP Service pack update.

The next week I uploaded large .avi files of video I filmed during our vacation at Niagara Falls.

The morning after I did that, I open my Internet Explorer and it redirected me to a Time Warner page saying my account has been found in violation of the user security agreement for downloading and uploading viruses, spam, spyware and illegal content.

I have to call in, speak to their security department and I also have to download several programs from the Time Warner website and install them on my computer;

then run them to scan my entire computer and send the scan results back to Time Warner before they will consider allowing me to access the internet again.

I called them and told them the only thing I DL and UL was the XP SP and the video avi of my vacation and they said it was illegal for me to do that.

So in other words, I told them, TWC is in breach of contract and guilty of false advertisement.

They advertise Road Runner is faster for downloading/uploading music and movies and streaming and playing online games but if you use it, then they don't like you using the bandwidth and then use the excuse you were doing illegal activities to cut you off from using their bandwidth.

I cancel their crappy service that day.

That was 6 years ago.

To this day, they still call me on my cell phone begging me to go back to TWC.