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Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
reply to La Luna

Re: [Rant] UPS has horrible service.

said by La Luna:

Doesn't that UPS screenshot say it's being delivered today (and that you requested an odd delivery time?)?

I don't know, never had a problem with UPS. Have had stuff delivered by them NEXT day when I didn't even request any special type of delivery.

No...they requested a delivery exception, not me. I am not sure who they would request though? Apple? Not me, because they never sent me any info.

Since I did see a delivery exception I e-mailed them asking them to try to get it here by tomorrow, or if not, I can go pick it up, it's only a 35 mile drive. (not that I want to drive out there...)

I'm just pissed because I'd like to have this before I go on holidays, last time they did a delivery exception it was in their office for two weeks collecting dust. Then when it came, they wanted $30 for agent fee's. Apple has covered all fee's, but if I buy anything from anywhere, if they ship UPS I decline buying.

UPS is okay delivering local, usually 1 day if within 60 miles...if you do a morning drop-off.
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