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magicjack plus on dsl

When I connect magicjack plus, it disables my internet. I attach my phone jack wire to mj and phone; the ethernet cable from mj to my router and of course I plug in the power source. But the internet on my dsl modem becomes disabled. When I change it back to my normal phone service I have internet again.

That sounds totally weird.

My first advice would be to swap out the Ethernet cable for another one just to eliminate a bad cable as the culprit.

Mayaguez, PR
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I think you have it wired wrong. The output cable from your dsl modem should go to the WAN port of the router, the router's WAN config should be set to DHCP and obtain a WAN IP directly from the modem. On the LAN side of the router, enable the DHCP server, and also SIP. You may have to dig for that one; it's probably in the firewall settings, but try searching the help menu. Then connect your MJ to one of the router's LAN ports.
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Pen Argyl, PA
reply to Judi
If you are using a 2.4mhz cordless phone your wireless router uses the same freq. 2 things you can try. Try changing the channel on your router ( it is probably set up for auto right now) set it to 1, 6 or 11 and see if that helps. If that does not help try using a corded phone, if that works ok get yourself a new DECT 6 cordless phone and all should be well.
If, of course, you are not using a 2.4mhz phone then what I said is a moot point and the problem is elsewhere in your setup.
Joe Sica