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Re: [Rant] UPS has horrible service.

said by J E F F:

said by Bob4:

So you order something from Apple and they ship it from China? Is that why Apple charges so much?

Everything Apple makes is made in China. It has to come from China. That's why you can buy an iPad for under $400 instead of over $1,000.

Shipping is always free.

If I was in the USA, I could have done in-store pick-up, a service they don't provide here.

I used the Apple Store because Apple currently has special financing for 6 months, so I used the Apple credit card.

Higher end machines for both computers and phones/tablets all are cheaper than apple products, you pay for the name and the OS, that being said chinese labor is cheaper, but apple gouges their customers because they can

that being said UPS is usually good for me, in fact just had a package delivered today from target.com with regular shipping, 22lbs took 3 days total from purchase to at my door

they rung the doorbell, left the package(nice neighborhood) and was driving away as i pulled the package inside