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My dog is an elitist
reply to mr weather

Re: Maybe not the best Christmas episode ever, but...

said by mr weather:

This weekend will be "Christmas Vacation".

The first time I watched "Christmas Vacation" was many years ago at the beginning of Christmas holidays when I had booked a good chunk of time off until January, and I've associated it with Christmas cheer ever since. It's a real modern classic and probably one of the most joyous of the modern Christmas films. Of course every imaginable bad thing happens to poor old Clark Griswold, but it's all in fun. And the main theme is a great Christmas song!
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reply to DKS
said by DKS:

said by A Lurker:

OMG, the last few minutes of The Big Bang Theory tonight was hysterical.

The eye candy at the beginning was pretty good, too.

Dirty old man! I do have to agree though!

I have never liked A Christmas Story. I have always thought the story was just dumb.

I have A Christmas Carol (Alistar Sim version) on DVD. My all time favourite. I still will watch all versions, George C Scott, etc.

I love all the classic animated specials, Grinch, Charlie Brown, Rudolf, etc.

WKRP did a good Christmas one. Not as good as the turkey drop, but not bad
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