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Re: [Rant] Water Company

At our old house, we had the meter inside, and it required the meter reader to come in and do a reading. For about two years straight, we missed the quarterly reading and the water company would give us an estimated bill. For eight quarters straight, the estimate was about the average of what we used quarterly over the many years that we had lived there.

Eventually, I got the notice stating that they wanted to replace my meter with one that they could read from outside, and sent someone out to replace the meter and get a final reading on the old meter.

What a pleasant surprise when they did the final reading... unrealized by me, in the two years that they were doing quarterly estimates, our water usage had decreased significantly due to two sons moving out. I didn't have a water bill for the next three quarters, and a very light bill the fourth quarter.

Yeah, I know that I had let them have my extra money interest free for over a year, but it still felt good not getting that bill for a couple of hundred simoleons every three months.
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