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port forwarding issue

Model: F5D8231-4

I'm trying to get the Rogers One Number service set up, and it appears that there is an issue with the firewall that won't let this work properly. Everything syncs properly, except the VOIP capabilities (take/make calls from phone or laptop or tablet) When I called support I was emailed the following:

the following ports would need to be opened:
SIP/TLS ports 5060/5061
Port 5061 will need to be open for TLS signaling
RTP Range 10000-30000 (access)
RTP Range 49152-65535 (client)
The RTP/RTCP ports are required for media (audio and video)
Port 554 & 8554, both TCP and UDP should be enabled for audio (these are standard RTSP ports)

I've input the information in the Virtual Server area in the router settings (though I don't know heads or tails of what I'm doing, as the only options i have are udp and tcp, so I don't know what I should be putting in for the RTP range, for example - so i put both :/)

anyhow, I'm able to access it and get everything working, but after a few minutes I lose all access again and the only way to be able to access/make/take calls via my laptop is by refreshing the settings again.

Weird thing is when I connected my tablet, it would work at first, but now nada. I know the tablet app works, because when i set up a mobile hotspot, it works with no issue

Can anyone help me figure out why the settings won't apply and stick? is there something else I should change?