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Brampton, ON
reply to AOD

Re: what exactly does the install tech do?

said by AOD:

said by cidknee0:

They drive trucks in Rogers colours, but if you look on the back it says something like " Under contract to Rogers through XYZ communications".

No, this was a full blown Rogers tech, no under contract. He was wearing a Hi-Viz Rogers shirt too

Subcontractors also wear hi vis shirts with the arc flash. But this is all besides the point, there are many subcontractors (and in-house) who know what they are doing, and many who don't. The reality is how they get paid. Subcontractors are piecework, in-house (the majority) are hourly. Piecework dictates what technicians get paid for specific work. Installations for third party internet accounts are paid for the cable line only, not to ensure your modem works. They get paid to come to your address and ensure there is a cable with signal where you want - nowhere does it even state if it's good signal or bad signal, just signal.

You should be happy the technician even let you connect your cable and your modem boot up, as they don't get paid to sit around and wait for that. Ideally they should use their test modem on each install and ensure that their test modem comes online at minimum.

Nine Zero Burp Nine Six
Toronto, ON
Full blown Rogers Techs also carry an ID badge with their pictures on a lanyard around their necks. I think I found one on the street once, duno what ever happened to it I don't have it anymore.