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Saybrook, IL
reply to JasonOD

Re: Are you guys crazy?!?

Your right Jason. Most on this site would prefer that they have everything for near free. But heaven forbid if they actually had to pay for a fiber build out to their home.. They wouldn't. Those same people have no problem trying to get the rest of us to pay for it with our tax money. MY MONEY.

The FCC is not put in charge of giving money away.. That is exactly what most are asking for in here. "The FCC didn't do their jobs" = "give me free stuff"

The FCC serves almost no point. But what they do (regulate the radio spectrum) they do pretty well. Because that is truly their task in life. Regardless of previous overzealous congressional laws. They, the FCC, has no right to get involved in a LOT of what they are doing.

They mess up, more than they fix.

Sterling, VA
·Verizon FiOS
No, we are not trying to get you to pay for it. You already did, but it was never delivered.
I have Fiber, and can say I never want to go back, and I pay for it. I could go with Comcast, get the $79 triple play, slower Internet, lower quality TV picture, and cable card woes. Or I could go with...oh, that's right we have no competition. Here at least I have some choice and Verizon and Comcast almost compete. By that I mean they both increase prices by the same amount. Outside of deployed areas there isn't much.
In return for the ten's and hundreds of millions of dollars that they get in tax breaks, concetions, right of ways, and whatever else, I expect a modern and functional network. ADSL is not that.
I voted for Snoopy!