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We're moving you to a lower-priced out!

A warning to watch your mail so this doesn't happen to you....

"You don't need to do a thing. You'll automatically be moved to a lower-priced plan. We primarily use remote electronic tests to measure speed at a customer's modem. We can fix the problem for many customers by resetting their modems. But resetting the modem isn't a solution for all customers. For these customers, the issue could be caused by the wiring inside their home or business, the modem itself, or something on the AT&T network."

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Had a defective modem causing poor speeds and at&t decided to lower the speed tier without authorization. Was unable to get the speed tier back through dsl support, claimed it's not available, and was informed that I would need to speak to sales. Fortunately for this site and the at&t direct forums, everything is back to how it should be!


Chicago, IL
Thanks for the warning ariez!
Did you get your notification via email? I found out that I was switched when I got my latest bill. It just showed a credit for "Pro", and showed I was now being billed for "Basic", and no explanation. Didn't get any emails, and unless they hid the "we're moving you" message in one of the U-verse promotions I get every other day, I didn't get any snail mail warning, either.

My speed's about 35% of what it was about two years ago, which finally forced me to post to the Direct forum (500K speeds for HSI Pro).
David from Direct has been helping me, but I think there's been some confusion as to what I'm expecting, and the fact that until I received my latest bill, I THOUGHT I should be getting Pro speeds. He posted some stats (which I finally realized are appropriate for Basic, not Pro), said I SHOULD be able to get Pro speeds, suggested I update my 11 year old modem (SS 5360), and then suggested a tech visit after switching to a d-link 2320 made no difference. Now I'm waiting to hear back from him after telling him about the pro->basic switcheroo, and asking him if he can change my profile back to pro - which would make the tech visit unnecessary, if my speeds got back to normal.

So you mentioned that this site & direct helped fix your issue - did you just ask the person helping you in the direct forum to fix your profile?

Thanks again for posting!