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ESPN3 with charter

I've had Charter internet and I used to watch ESPN3 programs. Recently I cannot watch any of those program. I get an error message which says:
There was an error loading the event. Error code:310

I've tried with multiple operating systems and browsers. Also upgraded the Flash Player. This is something that was working just fine for me. So, it has something to do with Charter or ESPN3.

I called Charter and they have no idea why it is. The charter support is the worst. I've also called ESPN3 and they have created a ticket but they are sitting on the ticket for 2 months now.

Appreciate your ideas. Thanks in advance!

Mad Scientist at Work
Southbury, CT

Can you tell us more about your setup (OS, connected directly to modem, browser, etc.)?

Also, have you tried another PC?
Rich. My Website



The issue is resolved. For the benefit of others, let me explain. My entire network/OS/browser did not change when I was getting the service and when I stopped getting espn3 service. It seems if the bandwidth is reduced somehow, error 310 is possible with espn3 video streaming. I'm surprised that neither Charter (support is horrible anyway) nor espn support folks mentioned this fact. So, I tried connecting to the modem directly and the video streaming started working as before. I did not change router/modem/any hardware. It appears that I need to upgrade my bandwidth or find out if there is any bottleneck between my PC and the modem. I do reset my router every once in a while.