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reply to SallyWingles

Re: [Connectivity] Net Drops Constantly

said by SallyWingles:

I was just reading about this modem at the Cisco website. Here is a quote that caught my attention. It reads as follows.

This article will show you what to do if the Online LED of your cable modem is blinking. A blinking Online LED means that your modem is unable to access the network. To resolve this, follow the steps below:

Checking if the cable modem is registered
Checking the modems physical connections
Powercycling the modem

When I spoke to the Comcast Tech on the phone, I did tell him I had concerns about the modems Online link was always blinking amber. I was told correct and NORMAL to do that. However, the Cisco website is not agreeing with the Comcast Tech. Can anyone confirm which is the correct status of this modems Cisco DPC3008 DOCSIS 3.0 online status light?

The Comcast CSR was probably confusing the Online indicator with the Link indicator.

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