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Brookfield, IL
·AT&T DSL Service

[Modem] Replaceing DSL modem, which one?

Ok, we have had issues with our lines sync all day, and it's found to be either a line problem, or a modem problem. We were switched to interleaved for now, but we are replacing the modem.
However we want ONLY a modem. Already have a router in place, and would like to keep it separate anyway.
So, we have two options (through ATT), the Netgear 6200 and the Motorola 3360.
I only want three things from it, to work for a long time, properly run bridged mode, and IPv6 support.
From what I can see, they both support IPv6.
Any input? Sooner is better, as it will be purchased tomorrow/today.

Forgot, I play games online, so the plan is to get back on FastPath.


Brookfield, IL
Too late. They didn't have a modem, so we got a gateway. The netgear 7550. Put it in bridge mode.