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[AZ] 110mbps Plan After 1 Day Disconnect Now Capped!?

I have had internet with cox cable for years and have never had a problem with my internet. I originally signed up for the powerboost internet which enabled me to hit actual speeds just under 100mbps depending on the day and time. Usually avg around 80mbps with a download of 25+ believe it or not. For the first time ever since I have been a customer I had a service disconnection for not even 1 day. Internet came back on, I was shocked to see that my speedtest shot like a rocket to 55mbps and stopped like it hit a wall, same with the upload conveniently at 5.5mbps.

How is this a legal move? I have called and complained which of course does nothing at all. The people answering the phone have no concern or care at all, I had a customer service rep tell me that she was a "supervisor" only when 2 mins later I asked her for her name and supervisor # she said that there were no supervisors on staff. Another rep told me that service was out in my area which obviously wasn't the case. We re provisioned my router twice with the exact same speed test. My computer benchmarks over 11,000 and has 32 g ram, this is what I do on a daily basis. Nothing on my end has changed other than the fact that I have been "capped". The AZ Cox website no longer even has "powerboost" as an available plan. The max plan is the ultimate 55/5? What happened to the spam ads that I received in my mailbox for the new 110mbps internet speeds fastest in the country from a year - two ago? Did you get all of those people into contracts only to drop over 60 channels, 1500% in upload speed and 200% in download speed?

Why can't my account be grandfathered into the service and speeds I signed up for? Not to sound to self centered but I really dont care if the man grabs the hips of the rest of the city just not me.


Chesapeake, VA
Ultimate Tier for the Arizona market has always been a 50Mbps service with PowerBoost speeds up to 55Mbps. I believe what has happened is the issue with modems exceeding the advertised rates has been corrected.


Oklahoma City, OK
Do the home office/business accounts still get limited to max speeds too, or are they uncapped and free to speed up/down based on network conditions?


reply to FREEme
When you were reconnected the new speed file was uploaded to your modem that capped the power boost download speed on a D3 modem. It was no secret for the longest time if you had a D3 modem and had at least preferred service your power boost speed was not capped.

So if you had a 10/2 service you could see 100/50 service on speed tests. Now with the fixed file you should see the speeds you are paying for.

It was good while it lasted.


Not true at all, we at least the fact that the 100 mbps was an offer. The powerboost plan is no longer even on the website. I have the promotional material right here in front of me that you sent for the 100 mbps 110 powerboost. Also here is an email sent out on May 17th telling customers of the change. Well at the time asking them anyways:

"In the future, Cox may offer a new level of Internet service that would
have twice the downstream speed of the Premier level of service.

• The downstream speed would be more than 60 Mbps which
would allow a user to download a full 2-hour standard
definition movie (2GB) in less than 5 minutes or download an
average music file (6MB) in just 1 second.

• This new service, however, would be slower than the current
Ultimate level of service that provides up to 100 Mbps
downstream speed. "

This is a corporate power move and from a business perspective makes sense. While everyone else complained I really didn't care because the internet speeds were still roughly 85-90 x 35-40. Although I did keep records of everything in the process of the change because it is a textbook bait and switch. Just my complete opinion but I think based on the cards on the table you would be hard pressed to find another name for it.

I went years without problems and cruised the web like a interdemensional hell hound. I was paying for it, but everything was what I wanted and more. To have the corporate policy change, the Powerboost be taken off of the AZ site, and people like you sit here and tell me that the 100 mbps was never here is what creeps me out honestly. You can even review your very own forum from the time period where the change took effect, you will find people just like yourself, one brave dragon slayer after the other stand up and tell everyone that its not that big of a reduction! There is going to be so much more added! Etc... I've been around the block once or twice and I'm sure you have too, just as much as you do I hope you get recognition for your bravery here but don't make me drop bombs on this forum and prove your quick witted reply's worth to the rest of the community.

To agree with what you said, and to put it into the "real context" yes.. The powerboost plan "never used to be capped" like you said people were getting "100/50" easily. They were paying their choice of $100 or $125 a month for it as you described.

Let me ask you a question.. Knowing this.. Do you think Cox would have the self control not to blast that out to the world to make money? Or did they just see people getting 100/50 and not mention it? I'll let the forum decide for themselves without having to upload pictures of the cheese being placed in the peoples trap.

Just give me back my speeds.... I wouldn't sell you a sandwhich and eat half of it on the way to your table. That would make me a pig.. And pigs get slaughtered...


Phoenix, AZ
·Cox HSI
well being a cox customer for the last 12 years in phx and posting these forums for the last 10years i have never seen 100Mbps service offered or advertised and as DDR mention there are some people here in the Arizona area that when they signed up for ultimate which is 50Mbps down some people were getting well above those speed for what the are paying for and after a while cox made correction to fix that and thats what sounds like happen to you cause there has never been a packaged listed as power boots, powerboost is a term used for when there is extra bandwidth available in your neighbor hood it would allocate it to you.

the only other thing i can think of is if you were part of some test group for some new future service and the testing is over , cause the only place that sells that speed(100mbps) that im aware of is in rhode island which is listed on the cox site for that area, but AZ is still at 55


reply to Oh NONO MR
Oh NONO, I was with you up until the pig analogy. Probably hurts your case more than helps...as Cox is the farmer.


reply to m8trix
I have posted a links here with the cached pages of their ads directly on the AZ phoenix cox page that they decided not to post. What kind of company has to sit here and babysit a public board like this to protect them from being exposed?


reply to DDR329
So you have never advertised speeds higher to your Phoenix customers? Ever? Like this link here from the phoenix cox cached site advertising higher?

Of like the other ads I have that I got from your company in Phoenix?
»img690.imageshack.us/img690/5577 ··· 5306.png

Proof reject

reply to m8trix
I posted links and proof of the adds including one on the cox website quoting 65 mbps for the ultimate and 6 upload. They were not approved.

Bottom line, the 55 speed that everyone is going back to here is not what was presented or "pumped" in phoenix.. The fact that we are no capped based on public promotions that are much higher listed speeds is enough

Here is an example if they will even post this one.. There is a pile of them from 60mbps -80mbps and even a survey sent acknowledging the 100 mbps speeds

»img690.imageshack.us/img690/5577 ··· 5306.png

Call it how you see it.. To me I was not only misled but Bait and Switched to the fullest. There are over 6 examples of this I have right here. So who has led who down the wrong path? Is it too much to ask for not be BS'd and Obama'd by the man daily?


Glendale, AZ
reply to FREEme
I'm not exactly a Cox defender. But it really isn't very forum friendly to post over and over again under new and different names.

Your beef is with Cox, not DSLReports.


I try to use the same name and is says that I can't, so I made a new one. Is that not ok with you? How else am I supposed to post here? It says that name can not be used.. It is ok, you and the rest of the people on here can continue to bate and switch customers, deceive, and swindle small profits as clearly displayed.

Attract customers with a great offer, get them in a contract and change the terms. Bate and switch.. All that is left in the world is deceit in business. 483 review and one star. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm

Good luck to you

We are filing a suit as we speak


Wichita, KS
reply to FREEme
I have used to see above 100Mbits in powerboost bursts now it is capped to 35Mbits, I am premier with 500GB modified cap.

I am curious about what happening to the powerboost.


Las Vegas, NV
i think power boost cap is enforced because of the new higher speeds that cox will be implementing very soon

i almost suspect that they were testing the bandwidth by allowing such high power boost speeds to see if over 130mbps could be easily achieved even in semi congested areas and during peek hours

just my thoughts

Ai Otsukaholic
·Clear Wireless
·Cox HSI
·Verizon FiOS
reply to FREEme
Same thing happened to me a few months ago. I used to see 70+Mb easily, now PB is about 65Mb then it drops to 50.

Upstream has picked up over the past month or so. There is more scattered deployment of higher channel bonding. I'm still on 3X1 but my upstream went from 5.5 to about 7Mb.


Las Vegas, NV
i am currently power boost caped as well from 120mbps plus on the download to only 27mbps download now

but the upload seems to be uncapped for now i am seeing speeds of anywhere from 10mbps to 40mbps

George Menic

reply to ikyuaoki
This is one of the best feeds I have read in a long time. To tell you the truth I think the angry customer is 100% right. Cox might be in trouble here. He seems to be smart and has some very solid ground to stand on, the posts he made here with the pictures is enough alone to send them back to the classroom!

On another note, I was forced to do an update on my router when I called into tech motorolla surf and now when plugged direct into modem it is up and down at extremes, running half of the channels, and shaky. Any way I can get them to wind me back? Server went from ok, to poor and their support doesn't seem to have the motivation to help me. Just another reboot and call back

Good luck street soldier! You have guts and whits and just pegged them with great accuracy and proof. Very large cases have been won with far less.


Gainesville, FL
Except if he's not under contract at most he'd have a claim for possible installation charges/pro-ration of one month's service.

I want to be clear-- I am not dissing the OP. I actually experienced this same thing in the Gainesville, FL market about 3-5 years ago. Advertising 20mbps for 6 months or so then all the marketing gets changed to 16mbps, and it makes you wonder at first if you're going a little crazy and imagined the whole thing.


reply to WhatsThis
I like how OP says he was positive he had 100mbps service...And then the link he posts shows powerboost of up 62mbps...

Also, if they changed their service, why don't you just cancel if its that bad?
I think what happened is your service was uncapped and you were possibly getting 100mbps (which was way above what you were supposed to be getting) and now they capped you at 50mbps or whatever you're getting and you're mad because you were getting higher than advertized and now youre getting what you pay for.

Also, OP stuff like "That would make me a pig.. And pigs get slaughtered..." and "Is it too much to ask for not be BS'd and Obama'd by the man daily?" makes you sound like a nutbag.
Expand your moderator at work


Phoenix, AZ
reply to FREEme

Re: [AZ] 110mbps Plan After 1 Day Disconnect Now Capped!?

I think someone ran out of their anti-psychotics.


Phoenix, AZ
reply to FREEme
Being a Cox customer for 11 years now, I've run through the gamut and actually seen the network change and evolve.

The 100mbit speeds you claim were advertised, were never official. However, I did see (and enjoy) those brief moments of insane connectivity when I first started my business class account. I was bursting easily around 100mbit down (typically ended up around 70-75mbit after powerboost), 10-15mbit up (pretty consistently) before they tightened down the screws on the systems.

What Cox does to enforce the speed limits is use what is called TCP Forced Idle, where the router is forced to sit idle on a packet exchange in order to meter and control the flow of data through the system. This is largely because of the upcoming ramp-up of the speeds available to all customers, this will likely be the first time we'll see all but the lowest 2 packages change speeds, but not price, as rumor has it.

Just sit tight, the Ultimate Tier will continue to be Ultimate, however, the speed increase will bring true 100mbit offerings to the table, not just the powerboosted (and network available) kind.