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Phoenix, AZ
reply to FREEme

Re: [AZ] 110mbps Plan After 1 Day Disconnect Now Capped!?

I think someone ran out of their anti-psychotics.


Phoenix, AZ
reply to FREEme
Being a Cox customer for 11 years now, I've run through the gamut and actually seen the network change and evolve.

The 100mbit speeds you claim were advertised, were never official. However, I did see (and enjoy) those brief moments of insane connectivity when I first started my business class account. I was bursting easily around 100mbit down (typically ended up around 70-75mbit after powerboost), 10-15mbit up (pretty consistently) before they tightened down the screws on the systems.

What Cox does to enforce the speed limits is use what is called TCP Forced Idle, where the router is forced to sit idle on a packet exchange in order to meter and control the flow of data through the system. This is largely because of the upcoming ramp-up of the speeds available to all customers, this will likely be the first time we'll see all but the lowest 2 packages change speeds, but not price, as rumor has it.

Just sit tight, the Ultimate Tier will continue to be Ultimate, however, the speed increase will bring true 100mbit offerings to the table, not just the powerboosted (and network available) kind.