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K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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reply to NotTheMama

Re: So...

said by NotTheMama:

As I said, we in IT don't care about the ISO BS. Binary is not metric. Get over it... or should I say, get over IT.

Realy???? Just put things in any arbitrary terms you want and no one but you have a clue what you are really talking about??? Now there is a great way to get ahead in the world.

BTW you do know ISO stands for International Standards Org.... you know so we are all on the same page???

Hey people like you said hell with ISO we are ASA (American) only our film numbers mean anything... well not if they wanted to market to the rest of the world and not dual label everything.

Sorry America is not really king of the world any more and it is a global environment.

That we still hang onto inches and crap (the English that invented it long haven't, and we did revolt but hung onto that crap?) is just absurd.... there is no one in the world but us that aren't Metric...

So much simpler everything is a multiple or divisor of 10.... but what the heck is an inch related to a yard or 5,230 ft (MI) or a pound to a teaspoon with out major math vs again just moving a decimal point around... its just plain STUPID.

1mm is 1000th of a meter or 1,000,000th of a km no complicated conversion just moving the decimal point.

then again we are for so far confused (by so much simpler) even minor such simple thing can't be comprehended, but so good at being arrogantly globally policy stupid, and widely despised.

Wonder why? WE CAN'T HANDLE JUST SIMPLY MOVING A DECIMAL PONIT??? Well like DUH... Wow that is a horribly simply issue?

Seems simple but really a measurable parameter of how absurdly we are king and rest of the world sees as SIMPLY STUPID, vs ever getting into socio politics.

You can in 5 sec move a decimal point in your head there really isn't much hope for us. (Want to challenge Rush Limbaugh or O'Rielly on mental metric conversion.... simple as it is sure they both without rehersal would likely fail simple as it is)

Some times hearing likes of you wonder if IT isn't really acronym for = Idiocy Terminus.

Like you said get over yourself and be globally REAL and hey simple while you are at it..


What Would Earl Do?

You understand neither plain English nor good manners. If you cannot respect the standard practices of other industries and professions, then you deserve no respect yourself.
"...but ya doesn't hasta call me Johnson!"

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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Yet you are everyone BS know all Mama... OK You alone know everything as your prodigious posts (more than anyone) here prove.

But thank you for your corp input we can screw anyone and good for us... the world is wising up to your I'm IT an all that BS even though many of you prove yourselve's clueless some stupid cred you bought not earned matters and means you know everything .

Again 5 years or so down the road get back to me.... I was right and you F'd the world in the meantime.