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Cold Lake, AB
reply to viperm

Re: How to set up SMTP secure for DUDE server

.vbs is Visual Basic Script running on a Windows PC.

I am also running The Dude on a Windows PC.

You can create an email script in the MikroTik, but it will look very different.

You first have to set up "/tool e-mail" with some basic info.
Server: [IP Address of mail server]
Port: [Mail Server Port (25 or other)]
From: [sender email address]
User: [email user name - usually sender email address]
Password: [users email password]

Then in the MikroTik script the line that sends the email looks like;

/tool e-mail send to=emailaddress@yourdomain.com subject="Email Alert" body="Text String" (or use $variable)

You can overide default e-mail tool settings by including "from=", "server=", and probably "port=" in the script line.

The MikroTik e-mail tool can handle basic authentication but I am not sure about SSL authentication.

From the MikroTik wiki: "Email tool uses only plain authentication and tls encryption. Other methods are not supported."

Offhand, I can't recall if there is an easy way of launching a PC-based script from the MikroTik, but I know you can create a PC-based script that will interact with a MikroTik Router. The PC-based script would have to periodically poll the router to see if there was something to do.

There is probably some clever way for a PC to become aware that the router wants to trigger an event, but I am not sure of the best approach.

"/tool fetch" might grab a web page from a local server that triggers based on the IP address(router) of the http request.

A telnet or ftp event might also be used. Perhaps an email from the MikroTik to a local mail server could trigger sending another ssl authenticated email from the local mail server.

The hard part is finding a *simple* way to do it.


Cold Lake, AB
I should mention that I have used "/tool e-mail" in a MikroTik Router to send an email directly to my cell phone.

Most carriers will allow email sent to [10digitPhoneNumber]@cellcarrier.com or similar.


Cold Lake, AB
You could also use this (or similar)