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San Jose, CA
·Pacific Bell - SBC
reply to AngryDallas

Re: AT&T is a bunch of F******* Liars!

I can't offer any assistance, alas. I don't think U-verse is covered by state PUCs. I know my mother went through a year of battling SBC (buyer of AT&T) billing. In her case, it was voice service, not Internet, so it was resolved through a PUC complaint.

May I suggest a good novel? Joseph Heller's 1961 published, "Catch 22". It won't fix anything, but it is very a straightforward, and humorous, look at bureaucratic idiocy.

I don't think AT&T agents are lying so much as expressing Byzantine stupidity. Lies tend to have a certain perverse logic; the implication being that understanding the logic would allow one to "game the system". Your description underscores the fact that the 1984 breakup of Ma Bell did not end the bureaucratic idiocy embodied in Lily Tomlin's "Ernestine" skit: "We don't care {snort}. We don't have to care {long snort}; we're The Phone Company!"

Sorry that I can't offer anything more useful. I suspect that SBC should never have been allowed to remerge the broken pieces of AT&T.
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