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Yorktown, VA
reply to djlar

Re: The 5.0.4 / MoP / Druid

I'll run through a few tips to see if any of these can help ya!

1. Use a potion of the jade serpent JUST before the pull so that you can you two per boss.
2. Make sure you always start one wrath away from lunar eclipse. Here's your beginning of fight cast sequence:

1. Starfall
2. Wrath 1x -> Enter Lunar Eclipse
3. Incarnation, Nature's Vigil
4. Moonfire, Sunfire
5. Starfire* until Starfall ends, then Starfall
6. Starfire* until Lunar Eclipse Ends at 0 Energy
7. Celestial Alignment
8. Moonfire (will apply both dots)
9. Starfire* until all buff ends and you reach Solar Eclipse (use Starfall #3 when #2 ends)
10. Normal rotation
*Starsurge WHENEVER available

3. Whenever you hit an eclipse, re-cast the eclipsed dot only. Wait to refresh the other until it ends. This avoids clipping a stronger dot applied during a previous eclipse.
4. Make sure you use Incarnation/Nature's Vigil every 3 minutes, but try to hit lunar eclipse first since it's better single target damage.
5. Save 2nd Potion of the Jade Serpent for heroism.
6. If you have to move, spam spam spam moonfire and/or sunfire. If in an eclipse, use the eclipse'd one. There's a stacking buff on spamming that up to 3x that increases damage on moonfire/sunfire.
7. Be sure to keep both dots up on multi-targets whenever there are bosses with 2-3 mobs.
8. If you get a starsurge proc and are 1 cast from on eclipse, it may be beneficial to save it. Otherwise, use ASAP. Exceptions do apply of course when it may be worthwhile to just use it to get into the eclipse.
9. If your dots end early (before reaching the next eclipse) you have to decide whether to re-apply or wait for eclipse. If its 3-5 seconds it may be best to wait to re-apply the next eclipse's dot and just do the other. If more than this, it'll be best to re-apply both dots right away.

I'll add more if they come to mind! Hope this isn't too wall-of-text'y and that some of it helps you!
Eumaeus, Guardian/Balance Druid
GM - Lux ex Tenebris - Sargeras | Alliance
[6/6] MSV [2/6] HoF