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Can't get my upstream correct -- random drops.

I've been getting random dropouts of my Charter cable internet. It's at least once per day, though sometimes more. I think it has something to do with my upstream signal.

Here are my levels:

Model:                        Cisco DPC3010
Vendor:                       Cisco
Hardware Revision:            1.0
Bootloader Revision:          2.3.0_R1
Current Software Revision:    DPC3010-v302r12901-110714a-CHR
Firmware Name:                dpc3010-v302r12901-110714a-CHR.bin
Firmware Build Time:          Jul 14 10:56:53 2011
Cable Modem Status:           Operational
Downstream Channels     
             Power Level:    Signal to Noise Ratio:
Channel 1:   -1.6 dBmV       40.7 dB
Channel 2:   -1.6 dBmV       40.7 dB
Channel 3:   -1.6 dBmV       40.4 dB
Channel 4:   -2.2 dBmV       40.4 dB
Channel 5:   0.0 dBmV        0.0 dB
Channel 6:   0.0 dBmV        0.0 dB
Channel 7:   0.0 dBmV        0.0 dB
Channel 8:   0.0 dBmV        0.0 dB
Upstream Channels     
             Power Level:
Channel 1:   35.2 dBmV
Channel 2:   0.0 dBmV
Channel 3:   0.0 dBmV
Channel 4:   0.0 dBmV

The only reason the upstream is above 35 is because a Charter tech came out and stuck another splitter before it. I know that this doesn't actually solve the issue, however, and just masks it so it passes the tests on Charter's end. Before the splitter was added my upstream was around 29 dBmV (and my downstream was somewhere around +2-3 dBmV). My modem was plugged in directly after a single 2-way splitter where the drop comes into the house. What can be done to get the problem fixed? Charter's techs are near-useless.

Thanks for any help,

35 TX level or lower is not always a sign of bad levels there are a lot of factors that go into that reading.
Here is my advice to you either get anothe service call or better yet go by the tech office and speak to supervisor over your area. Ask that your modem be put on an EQA watch list for maximum length of time.2 wks this will monitor you modem and give them levels at 15 min intervals and help diagnose the problems. then ask for a follow up phone call with a plan of action to resolve your issues.

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reply to kstrike155
even though a 35 is low, i have seen modems work, and work for a very long time with signal levels in the 30's.

There could numerous reason why you are dropping.
Noise, bad modem, ect
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reply to kstrike155
Remember, my levels are not ACTUALLY 35, they are actually 29 before the tech started adding in splitters.

I wanted the tech to replace the modem while he was here but he said "there's nothing wrong with the modem, it has the correct pattern of lights on the front of it".

I'll try INtheKnow's advice. However, the dropouts are very short, usually less than a minute or so, so I'm not sure that they will catch it by only checking every 15 minutes.


Remove the splitters and try this » ··· 10db+pad


Peoria, AZ
reply to kstrike155
One thing I didn't see is the Upstream SNR. If that is erratic, then that would need to be looked at. The rest is fine. Worse case scenario, see if they can do a service call to get your modem direct to the pole. If you still have issues, the modem may be at fault or something further.

Is your computer direct to the modem by chance?