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reply to CompUser


said by CompUser:

To be honest, I'd love to get an aluminum tree with a color wheel, but my wife wants no part of that.
This is what we had when I was a kid.

I have that now!!! I so wanted one like I had in the 70s as a kid and found it on eBay a couple of years ago.
No color wheel yet but I remember the one as a kid that got hot as hell and we were warned every year not to touch it.

Of course me and my sibs dared each other.
Lick your finger and touch it.
Obviously something was wrong with it because we would get a tiny shock every time. LOL!

Ah memories! I am surprised that thin wrapping paper did not go up in flames the amount of heat that wheel put out.

BTW I hate LEDs too. My husband replaced most of the lights in our home where he could with LEDs and I hate the color of the light.

He makes custom light bars for ambulances and such so I should be lucky they are not red and blue and flash in a pattern.
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