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Lanett, AL
reply to mainesail

Re: [Rant]

said by mainesail:

Thanks for the tip on the credit card. I'll start the process with AMEX today.

Did you pay directly with your CC or did it go through PayPal? If it went through PayPal I strongly urge you to try everything you can through them first. If they brush you off like ebay did then of course feel free to go through AMEX but there's something you should be aware of.

If you file a chargeback for a charge through PayPal that will negatively affect YOUR PayPal account. They will terminate your account and ban any linked bank/CC accounts from being used in the future (in other words you're free to open another PayPal account, but you'll need to attach a different bank and CC account to it).

On the other hand, if you paid the seller directly with a CC then go right ahead and file away, nothing to worry about there.