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Scarborough, ON
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Re: Upgrading phone -- Rogers is nuts

said by J E F F:

said by bt:

said by J E F F:

Wind pays off 10% of your monthly bill off of your WindTab. So if you got a $200 phone for free, and you cancel after 6 months, and you had a $40 plan, you'd owe $200 minus $24 (6 months * $4). Not sure how Rogers does it now

I think Rogers does equal division now - the % of the subsidy you have to pay back is equal to the % of the term left on your contract.

I think that that is true, however, from what I can tell, data is still separate from the Economic Recovery Fee. So an additional $100 on top of it. However, the site is unclear to exactly what they mean, despite "in other words".

The economic recovery fee is split into a voice and data portion. However, with most premium smartphones the "recovery fee' aka the subsidy is heavily shifted towards the data side. For example the galaxy s3 typically carries a voice subsidy of only $50 and the rest of the subsidy is from the data side.