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Re: [Rant] Water Company

I have a well now, as well. It provides plenty of water for me, the wife, and the horses. But instead of now making quarterly payments to a utility, I have to buy softener salt (typically 1 or 2 40# bags at $5 each per month), PotPerm for the green sand filter (typically one bottle per year @ $50/bottle), and various in-line filters (1 sediment filter per month @ $5 each, two reverse osmosis unit carbon filters @ $20 each every six months, and 1 reverse osmosis membrane filter @ $40 each every other year). Add to that the time involved in doing all the maintenance, plus the yearly maintenance to make sure that the orifices in the back-wash units on the softener and green-sand filter do not get clogged, and I figure between my material cost and my time, I pay on average about the same as what I paid when I had municipal water. The real savings is in not having the sewage charge thanks to the septic system.
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