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Towanda, PA
reply to tomdlgns

Re: [Other] DNS errors from The Shining

Thanks for your replies.

I unplugged the ethernet cable (which today has been working), switched on the Wi-Fi and connected. Win7 showed connected but with 'Limited access'.

Following the instructions above, I had Sent 10/Received 0 for

For with 12 sent, 10 were lost. But two came back with this:

Reply from Destination host unreachable.

Also, as of right now, the router is still set up to use default Infostrada DNS servers. We had previously specified and at one point with no luck.

Da Geek Kid

since you are in Italy, it maybe that the ISP which usually happens in EU countries, they tend to block dns queries to outside dns servers. They provide their own and you should stick with those. I have had the same problem in many european countries trying to use OpenDNS/g00gle dns servers all with no luck.

When you do a request, there's a dns proxy that forwards all the requests to all outside dns queries to the internal dns server. many times that server is overloaded and not working properly.

Anyways, I recommend using the ISP's dns.