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PX Eliezer7
Hutt River

Tangled web

You've mentioned several providers in your CallCentric review:


And simultaneously posted a glowing review of Voip.MS


The truth is that all providers have pros and cons.

Voip.MS seems to have many issues lately with inbound calls and with servers. Also, Voip.MS has no flat-rate outbound calling plans or inbound fax server, CallCentric has both.

Anveo is very confusing in the opinion of many people, both in terms of their service plans and in terms of how to use it.

Voipo is a fine company, but they are not big on call treatments, and they are not BYOD friendly at all. I can't see how you would compare them to CallCentric, they are very different products.

CallCentric in many ways is easier to use than Voip.MS. For example, I can take a call that's listed on the list of 40 most recent incoming calls, and with a couple of clicks make a phonebook entry or create a call treatment. I can't do that with Voip.MS, everything is much more cumbersome with them.

And CallCentric's call forwarding is better than Voip.MS's when it comes to cellphones, because CallCentric has a "press 1 to answer" feature that Voip.MS lacks even though many Voip.MS customers have long asked for it, and it's been on the VMS project list for over a year. This should be especially important to you in Alabama where there are so many Mobile phones....

CallCentric also provides many free services, and easily handles free calls between customers. I can't say that of Voip.MS. And as noted, by using CallCentric outbound calling plans, the price for CC compared to Voip.MS is quite similar in the US market.

As I see it, Voip.MS has three advantages for those who need it:

a) Cheaper in the Canadian outbound market.
b) IVR.
c) Subaccounts.

But CallCentric has a great deal to offer as well, and in many ways is superior. Many things that Voip.MS has were developed at CallCentric first, such as the country-by-country security settings. And CC has auto-refill options and many other features that Voip.MS lacks.

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