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Broomfield, CO

[COLORADO] New Toy for the Snow !

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Well since we live in Colorado and need a 4X4 and our 07 Jetta was getting old and Shitz was wearing out and we really did not want that car !! we Bought this Friday !

GadgetsRme I am not asking for any like the first year but we are ready now !

Ach Du Lieber
Premium,ExMod 2002-05
Seaside, CA
Remember; just because you now have a 4x4, that doesn't mean you can drive faster in the snow. During my stint in Colorado Springs, I saw more jeeps off on the side of the road (sometimes flipped) than any other type of vehicle.

Congrats on the new car! I had a '93 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 and I loved it. Ended up having to sell it in my last unemployment stint.

- FM
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Broomfield, CO
Thanks FutureMon Yea I know not to drive faster because its a 4x4 U can still F Up , I am not a fan of driving in it at all but now I know I wont get stuck like we have with our jetta !

RIP lilhurricane
Canon City, CO
reply to MTBikerChris
said by MTBikerChris:

GadgetsRme I am not asking for any like the first year but we are ready now !

OK, disclaimer accepted. I, however, would like 2-3 inches every week for the rest of the season. We need the moisture and I have a snow removal contract at a town home complex @ $20 dollars / hour so a few inches every week would be nice. 18 units and can be done in 2-3 hours.