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Lost files on file move

Hello, here is the situation:

I have a windows 7 laptop that none of the USB ports work on for some reason. It had other issues besides that, so owner opted to format the drive and reinstall windows. So, I moved the HD to a desktop (with windows XP) to copy his personal files over for backup. Formatted the laptop drive, reinstalled Windows (USB ports still do not work with my external HD). Again, move the laptop HD over to my desktop to copy personal data back to it. Well, instead of copy I accidentally selected move instead. Shouldn't be a problem, right? The move data window popped up, was there for a while (lots and large files). It finished, removed drive and put it back in laptop. The data copy folder which I created on the XP machine (on the laptop drive) does not exist, nor does any of the data that I moved over to it. Bad thing is, the data no longer is on my backup drive either since I picked move.

Any suggestions?

Saint Paul, MN
You should be able to recover the files from the backup drive, provided you haven't used it since the move. Since move is really just a copy and delete.
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Houghton Lake, MI
reply to jakkwb
Turn on Hidden files so you can see them, they may be hidden.
Also they may be owned by the Old user of the old Laptop install. So once you can see hidden files, select the folder and take ownership of the folder and files.

Decatur, GA
reply to jakkwb
As to the USB port problem it may need manufacturers drivers for them to show up. Other then that not sure how you Moved instead of copied. Best it to always use Ctrl+c to copy and Ctrl+v to paste.

Never cared for Drag and drop as I always seem to drop them in some other folder then I thought I was.

Then you have Right Click "copy", Select target folder Right Click "Paste". But I normally do the Ctrl+ method as it is the best when things really matter and my hands are on the keyboard to begin with.

Good Luck.
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