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Tucson, AZ
reply to signmeuptoo

Re: For DSi: top 20 games for 14 year old overseas?

I have been through a few game stores as well, most people in there I would say are socially awkward but I did start a conversation one day with the manager of the store I go to now. We ended up becoming good gaming associates and when I go in there he is usually asking my opinion on something new or has something cool to talk about. I only buy used games and I buy them in good to excellent condition cases only, because of this he will usually hold the case for me if he knows its something that I will end up picking up.

If there is a game that you like and your game store is crappy you can always check Amazon.com as well as other stores and have them shipped directly to you, possibly less expensive then at gamestop. Hopefully if you try again you can start asking one of the employees there about a game for the DSI and get a good customer relation going with someone that works there, then you can just call the store ahead and see if they are working before you venture over to the store.