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Re: Acanac Drops the Ball Again

Guys thanks so much for responding and really making me feel like Im not alone.


I'm assuming this is an Acanac resold rogers customer.

If we follow what is happening with Rogers, Rogers bumped up speeds. Those on 15-meg (or is it 18-meg) won't get the "free" speed increase to 28-meg if they don't have a D3 modem. The D3 modem users got the speed upgrade. D2 users didn't.

So if saynotofk bought this D2 modem more than 3 months ago, it's not Acanacs fault that Rogers did a speed upgrade that he can't have.

But, if this customer bought this modem within the past couple of months, then Yes, Acanac should be held responsible.

*But*, if this has nothing to do about the speed upgrades and he bought the 28-meg tier (if that existed over the past years) and never had the speed to begin with due to the modem they sold him *for this speed tier* then yeah, Acanac is to blame for selling the wrong modem for the speed tier you ordered.

Since Acanac doesn't want to budge, and we don't really know what scenario you are falling into here, then go to the CCTS and file a complaint. It's free for you.

I can see you winning at the CCTS if you fall within the last 2 scenario's above. But not the first one.

3 scenario's here that I see. Which do you fall under? That is the question.