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Re: [Contest] 12 DAYS of GIVEAWAYS

How do you know if someone doesn't use Facebook?

Don't worry, they'll let you know...

said by eruntalon:

How do you know if someone doesn't use Facebook?

Don't worry, they'll let you know...

Yes, because it's so much more efficient to list all the services we don't use, instead of listing the services we do use.

We'll let you know, if you ask nicely. Or, in this case, if there's a prize involved, and Facebook is required to participate in the lottery, but we don't have a Facebook account, but we still want to participate anyway.

That TSI's customers must create and/or use an account with Facebook to participate is a consequence of an arbitrary decision by TSI, not a consequence of the inherent nature of the lottery.

Here's a better idea.

Since this is a lottery by TSI obviously intended for marketing purpose to increase their customer pool, remove the Facebook exclusivity altogether. Instead, use as many social media as possible, and then put a link to TSI's website, directing potential customers to a page where they can enter their email address without superfluous arbitrary requirements.

As it stands, now we have a link on TSI's website, pointing to the Facebook website, requiring potential customers to create and/or use a Facebook account, to participate in a lottery created by TSI. It's like TSI wants to promote Facebook, suggesting TSI is paid by Facebook for that.

I don't do Facebook. I might, if Facebook pays me.
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said by JonyBelGeul:

....I don't do Facebook. I might, if Facebook paid ME.

In MY case, it would depend upon the size of the bribe.