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Removing the blinders

What people seem to forget, this WILL and DOES go beyond spying on bad guys. How the hell do you think they filter them out? Seems people have forget about all the hoopla when AT&T was exposed for routing IP traffic to the NSA's cloud. Yes, little orange gigarouters were installed with fiber backbone at EVERY MSO/Switchsite to route all IP traffic through a scruber (if you will) and it would pull out text that contained specific words. Now, rewind a couple years when the FBI wanted to do the same thing and NO ONE would have anything to do with it. But now it's OK? Nothing to hide has nothing to do with whats REALLY being done here. So, when I had to signoff on the installation of such a box at where I worked, I went home the next day and started encrypting everything. I've was using PGP for years but there are others that the NSA or FBI can't break and you can bet they are not from the U.S. So, we all can sit back, be good little citizens and live in glass houses allowing the govt or anyone else (what it amounts to) snoop our lives, or, we can make it very difficult for them to get one usable bit of data. Just saying.