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Springfield, IL

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reply to telcodad

Re: [DTA] Are DTA boxes with HD coming out any time soon?

said by andyross:

I think you are correct. My latest bill has a new (higher) price list, and it does state 'Digital Starter or higher' for the $1.99 price.

said by heymang:

I didn't know Digital Starter and higher weren't eligible for the two free DTAs anymore. So much for thinking having a higher level of service would entitle you to the same perks us lower tier guys get.

Yep, we just got the same notice down here, except ours simply indicates NONE of the pricing on DTA's for limited basic, family & digital economy subs is changing. (ie: first 2 DTA's are still FREE; additional DTA's are still only .50 each) Look under the rate section called VIDEO EQUIPMENT & you'll probably see the same thing we got.

Amazing that the subs spending (WAY) MORE $$$ on the (base) service, now ALSO get to spend more $$$ on the equipment for that service - even thought it's the EXACT, SAME equipment for any of those service levels.

Oh yea, & NOT only do Digital Starter+ subs get to now pay for their (2 FREE) DTA's - they also jacked up the price $1 on full digital boxes ("digital outlets") to $10, AS WELL AS jacking the HD fee up to the same amount! I think the people at CC that are making these rates up are on crack!