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Tyler, TX
reply to UverseTech2

Re: TX - AT&T DSL another lying retention agent_Choices?

Thanks. Charter, like AT&T, has a monopoly on cable in my area (as other cable cos. do elsewhere). So, they'd be my only choice. Good to know you get good speed, but I've always read that cable speeds can vary for same co., even in different parts of town.

Thanks Mr. Name Removed,
I've looked at Oplink for yrs. They used to be relatively competitive - not any more. They're now $50 for 3.0 DSL + 15-20/mo for a cheap ATT landline. Way more than ATT. As far as "making as fuss," since I'm scraping bottom & you're well off, could you spot me a few $ each mo?

For the record, it was going from $15 to 43 - 336 / yr. If that was my only bill, wouldn't matter. But I got them back to 19/mo + $50 cr. because they're either liars, truly incompetent (yr after yr, since they changed from SBC to AT&T), or both.

But I do that every yr w/ DSL, plus saving 600 / yr - every yr - by ditching ATT phone & getting VOIP. Switched elec. providers & save ~ $250 /yr. How much is that saved all totaled over last 5 yrs alone?

Let's see - which is more important. About 5K / yr for health insur + 2 - 3K out of pocket med expenses so my wife can have a decent life, or super fast internet / 100 + TV channels? If others have the $, don't have high personal debt (like the avg 10- 12K for Americans), I say spend all you want.

Houston, TX
said by whyamihere:

As far as "making as fuss," since I'm scraping bottom & you're well off, could you spot me a few $ each mo?

Take it easy, tiger. There's no need to get excited.

I call every year to do the same but I must have some good luck because AT&T never gives me the third degree about pricing. My 6mbit service always comes down from ~$45/month to ~$33/month on the first request. It's been a few years now and they've yet to bust my balls over pricing.
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