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What Would Earl Do?


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reply to darcilicious

Re: Dresden Files

Actors, on average, are notoriously shorter than the general population. Many's the time when I've heard/read the comment "wow, he looks so much shorter in person". That being said, then, it's likely that any "tall" actor could play the role well enough (as far as being tall enough goes), even a couple of "short" guys like Levi (6'2") and Pace (6'3"). He doesn't have to be 6'7" or taller to look like the Dresden in the books.

And, sorry, I enjoyed Blackthorne's (6'3") Dresden and the show very much--to each his own. I've actually been watching it again this and last week as fate would have it.
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Manville, NJ

After watching Haven I can almost see Eric Balfor as Harry...thin enough and a snarky style.

hmmm...how about Cate Blanchett as Mab...

Javiar Barden as Morgan? or maybe Daniel Craig

age up Chris Helmsworth a bit and make him Michael

Sasha Roiz (Capt Renard - Grimm) as Marcone