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St Thomas, ON
reply to Thane_Bitter

Re: DSL down in London (3am-9am)

What happened between 3-9 am was a PPPoE-server connectivity problem. I had sync. As Slamtech says - "sync, no surf".

> OT - Has Bell done anything over at your end, I recall you having extensive
> issues which seemed to be related to their inability to deal with capacity.

The evening congestion issue that started abruptly one day in December 2010 came to an abrupt end at some point in mid to late April 2012. The end of this congestion probably coincided with the activation of the fiber-optic cable that was laid on the north side of Commissioner's road west of Wonderland. Where this cable originates from - I don't know (possibly the "fiber-fed hut" near the intersection of Cranbrook and Salem) but it ends in the telcom room in the apartment building at 744 Wonderland, where the dslam or remote (or what-ever) is located.

My IP address for years was always 64.231.x.x (where x.x is variable) but after this fiber cable was up and running and the congestion ended, my assigned IP address has been various combinations of 50.101.x.x, 65.95.x.x, 70.27.x.x, 70.29.x.x, 174.94.x.x. It has never since been 64.231.x.x.

Inquire within
Just checked, nothing out of the ordinary.

EDIT - Out of curosity can you read the log in your modem?