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Re: Recevied a phone call about a deal from Comcast seems fishy

they try all kinds of stuff when the techs aren't busy enough.


I used to be a tech for CONcast. It has nothing to do with how busy the techs are. The techs are pushed so hard to meet unrealistic metrics in such a small time-allotment for each job that they NEVER have any time and are ALWAYS busy. The crappy techs that show up are the ones that have figured out how corrupt and thankless CONcast is and are fed up with the criminal enterprise they have to work for.

The calls you are receiving are probably not even CONcast, they are probably a 3rd party sales outfit hired by CONcast (and you would never know unless you ASK). Alot of times they call people who are subscribers of specific service bundles/deals to convince them to change to another bundle (even lie to get you to change) so they can begin to phase out a bundle (the one you originally had). Once you change bundles, you will not get your old deal back if CONcast has discontinued your old bundle. They bait you with a promo deal, don't tell you exactly what the rate will jump to when your promo is over, and by the time your promo is over your old package no longer exists and you get stuck paying more.

They started doing this a couple years ago to stop "grandfathered" deals (legacy packages).

On a side note, I can say that if you think YOU are frustrated as a CONcast customer...try WORKING for them!!! They cannot do ANYTHING RIGHT!!! Their departments don't communicate with each other, minimal bookkeeping and account notes (they hate paper trails), SEVERELY ANTI-UNION, they require the workers to work unsafely (no rooftop safety program, no trolly-line safety program, no confined spaces training, no asbestos awareness training) and the supervisors are a bunch of low-life drug addicts that go home in the middle of the workday to play video games instead supporting their technicians (in Seattle where I worked, at least...and I caught them, the company defended the supervisors and now i don't work there because I was "not where I was supposed to be" ).

CONcast are CROOKS. In the time I worked for them I always treated the customers well because they deserve it. I also, however, suffered in my family life, friendships, and mental health working for these indecent human beings.

If you think I am just a disgruntled employee...so be it.
I guess I am disgruntled, and I have every right to be.
To read more about CONcast (especially in Seattle) visit www.comcastworkers.com to read firsthand how CONcast treats it's people and EDUCATE YOURSELF about what is happening behind closed doors at the criminal enterprise bringing you your over-priced, always-broken service.

CONcast (SEATTLE) is currently being heavily investigated by the NLRB and L&I on multiple charges. There is also a class-action wage dispute going on over theft of wages. All just in Seattle. Do not trust these people.

In closure, the reason your internet service is not reliable in Seattle is because Seattle is a high-tech area putting alot of strain on the network. The company is well aware that they need to split a substantial number of nodes to accommodate for this traffic. However, the local Seattle franchise is playing catch-up in West-Seattle still, replacing all the OLD 750mHz nodes (they are WAY behind to do this!). They have tied the majority of their budget up trying to remedy West-Seattle while the rest of the city is left to suffer because they have a monopoly and they know people will just keep waiting for a fix. The company will not adjust it's budget (actually, local leadership won't adjust the budget) to allow for the nodes in the rest of the city to be addressed (because if they don't make their budget, they don't get their bonuses).

You wanted the truth...You got it.
You wanted answers...you got them.