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Loveland, OH

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reply to JasonC

Re: TONS of Fioptics Questions

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FiOptics FTTH Installation - Nov. 2012
I have FTTP (FTTH), it was installed about 3 weeks ago. I can confirm, based on several conversations with FiOptics support, that they are no longer deploying non-IPTV service, at least with FTTP/FTTH. I was also under the impression that I'd be able to tune basic channels on cable-ready TV's, but there isn't anything to tune, since it is IPTV. They used coax to hook up my set-top boxes, but only because that didn't require running CAT5 (they install a MoCa converter to send IP traffic over the coax). The set-top boxes are IPTV, and can be connected with ethernet, or coax carrying IP traffic. This is a totally different setup than other people I know who have FTTH, but the ones I have seen previously were all installed a year or more ago.

My setup of Cincy-Bell-provided equipment looks like this:
•ONT: Alcatel Lucent I-241G-B (7342 family)
•Wireless Router: ZyXEL VSG1432-B101
•MoCa Converter: ActionTec ECB2500C
•Set-Top Boxes: ZTE ZXV10 B700V3A (IPTV)

•Optical drop -> ONT
•ZyXEL LAN -> ActionTec MoCa converter
•ActionTec MoCa converter -> Coax Splitter -> STBs (3)
•ZyXEL LAN -> My internal LAN
•ONT POTS -> Outside demarc -> POTS lines (3)

I've been working on getting my MythTV PVR going, tuning some of the unencrypted channel streams, and have had some good success with that, but it is kind of a bummer to not be able to hook up a TV directly to the cable anymore. There is a coax TV-out on the Alcatel/Lucent ONT, but it appears to not be turned on, and is probably not provisioned. See the photo above for my setup. That is all there is, I don't have the big grey "FiOptics" box like some others have, nor do I have the smaller ONT.


Cincinnati, OH
It would be interesting to know if you can watch any of the free channels directly on a PC using VLC or similar and the rtp URIs shown here:



Loveland, OH
Yep, I can. I'm using MythTV to stream them, but VLC works too. Mine are slightly different (found them by sniffing network traffic while changing channels on a STB), but they work fine. You have to be sure to isolate the multicast traffic, but it is a nice "feature" of this type of installation.