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[AR] Only 1mbps and no one at Cox cares.

Haven't been able to get a connection speed of over 1 mbps for a few days now. Got in touch with Tech support last night and they said there was a outage in my area but no repair time. I figure no problem, I'll give it a day and not worry about it. Tonight I was told there was no outage in my area but my connection was even slower. Was walked through a few trouble shooting things (that I had already done on my own) and no luck. They restarted the modem and I tried again but still no luck. Called again and this time I'm told there is an outage in my area. Asked if there is a estimated repair time and I just get "nope". I was told I was lucky to have any connection at all. Over all it was a disappointing conversation. He said the outage just happened. Told him its been this slow for a couple of days. Still, no results, not even pretending to care. Don't know what to do but I don't want to live with dial-up speeds for as much as I'm paying. Any ideas?


Fayetteville, AR
·Cox HSI
What area are you in?

Very fast Internet here, but their mail servers are down for hours now.

They have been pretty consistent for the most part.
If it were not for their crazy convoluted login procedure on their website - would be 5 out of 5 stars.