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Fremont, OH
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Re: keep

it has never been a secret on their coverage area. So why keep complaining about it? It's never going to change. They have their right to market to where they're going to get their ROI just the way as other carriers. I'm sure though if you wanted coverage they'd bring you on as a network partner as they do have them. you build them out and combine the networks as they have done with i-Wireless- and NOT the prepaid company owned by the Kroger Company.

West Tenness
said by TBBroadband:

it has never been a secret on their coverage area. So why keep complaining about it? It's never going to change.

I'm not complaining about not having their coverage. Try READING what I wrote. I'm complaining about their contention they have the most 4G LTE coverage which is untrue. Something wrong with expecting a company to adhere to truth in advertising standards?


·T-Mobile US
MY friend BF69 you may need to look at Tmobiles ads again as you are highly mistaken. Never once did TMO say they had the " largest 4G LTE coverage" they do however claim "largest 4G coverage" which did hold true given the loose definition of "4G" until just recently as Verizon LTE coverage is now on par and is now surpassing TMO HSPA+ network coverage. There was truth in advertising as they were the largest 4G network just deceptive marketing. The new ads says faster and more dependable nothing about largest anymore.

»www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0eML7ap ··· ML7aphSc

The same can be said for Verizon which also runs deceptive advertising commercial ads when there asking people on the street which network would you chose and show people the amount of coverage all the carriers have on a bar graph Verizon ,ATT, Sprint, & TMobile of "4G LTE" they omit the fact that "4G" is not just "LTE' it also covers HSPA+ so there coverage looks like its leaps and bounds over everyone else. Why did they not just compare all "4G" (LTE & HSPA) coverage? because then they would not have the superior coverage map, there is no lies in there advertising but they also withheld some truths, in other words deceptive advertising .

»www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3SG8VkE ··· G8VkE6yA