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Ex .. Ex .. Exactly
Parsonsburg, MD

It's time ...

How many 5 year-olds will have to die before we enact some meaningful gun control laws in this country?

The right of a child not to be shot in their own school trumps your right to bear arms. It's as simple as that.

John Patrick

Sioux City, IA

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Sad news and my thoughts and prayers go out to all hurt and forever changed by this tragedy but can making laws to stop or limit guns really change any thing?

Think about this for a moment people if we got rid of all the guns in this world, people would find other ways like bows, sling shots, knives, or even just blunt objects. Laws to limit or ban any item just will have the human element move to a new item to cause harm or kill. So unless we all just change the human element nothing will change with any law to try and curb this violence.

united state

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I'm sure your laws will certainly stop criminals from doing criminal things...

Like walking into an area where guns are illegal (Such as any government building) and shooting at children at a school. Oh wait..

Isn't also killing people, and assault with a deadly weapon, a crime as well?

So this guy goes in, breaks half a million laws in the process, and you think adding gun control will make people like this break less laws?

Common sense is always lost on gun control nuts. It's funny too, considering that the types are also the types who want to legalize weed, because prohibition and the war on drugs didn't work, yet they think gun control will.

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San Jose, CA
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said by newview:

How many 5 year-olds will have to die before we enact some meaningful gun control laws in this country?

From 1934 to the present numerous gun control laws have been passed in the U.S.; both at the Federal, and state level. Were none of them "meaningful"? What would you consider, "meaningful"?
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