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reply to Stewart

Re: CNAM/LIDB questions

said by Stewart:

I've seen situations where calls handed to Level 3 by IP (bypassing the PSTN) with a display name in the SIP, are delivered to the callee with that name, i.e. there is no LIDB lookup at all. If your Callcentric DID is with Level 3, that's probably what is happening. If the callers correctly set the display name in their devices or switches, your problem will likely be solved.

Yes, IIRC, yourself and/or one or more of the other gurus/regulars who post here (and may already have done so above) have stated to me previously that an 'on-the-fly' transmission of CNAM info IS possible, especially with Canadian carriers and/or rate centres, and that if the call recipient's telco/carrier sees this info and chooses to pass it along, a dip into the LIDB could become unnecessary - though others will do the dip regardless of such info, and in some cases will also charge the call recipent on a 'per dip' basis.

In the case of Rogers Communications' cellular PAYG service, I am allowed to specify to their CS reps what 15-digit CNAM string I wish to have broadcast when I call outbound from my account there, and THEY set this from THEIR console.

However, if a carrier receiving a call from that same number CHOOSES (for whatever above reason) to do a CNAM dip, they may well retrieve very different CNAM info, as the CNAM from my last former business use of the number in question is still 'stuck' in the 'Bell Canada / Canada 411 / Yellow Pages Group' LIDB.

I would still very much like to remedy THAT, and have that LIDB yield either my personal name (as the cell carrier does currently broadcast), or nothing at all (unknown/unlisted/whatever).

Who should I be approaching to achieve that result ?

Does it matter (or not) that the number was originally a Bell Canada landline number ?

Will the fact that this number in in the process of being ported to Anveo affect the answers to the above questions ?

BTW, Anveo uses Iristel as CLEC for my temporary DID number, in case that influences the answers too.