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reply to isampark32

Re: [Windows] Business-Grade Router Advice Request

Thanks for the clarification, isampark32... got a few more questions, though.

said by isampark32 :

2) Is the Cisco 800 owned by you or the telco (Bell, from the looks of it)? Do you have config access to it?
- It is owned by Telco(Bell), and they did not give us config access. I am only given config instruction that I can use on my Router (DNS, Gateway address, etc)

Are they handing you a public IP address on the Linksys WRT54GX? I get the feeling the Bell Cisco 800
is operating as a plain old DSL modem / bridge; it's capable of so much more, and I wonder if Bell could
be pursuaded to do more with it... for the right price of course.

Second, you don't have to yank the power cord or reboot the PowerConnect 2624 at any time to restore
service, correct?

Third, what's the IT skillset at the office, especially with networking equipment? If everyone is of
the Linksys / DLINK style of home routers, you're best sticking with equipment that's managed
primarily by a GUI -- Zyxel gear has been mentioned, you can also consider Sonicwall and some of
the older Juniper equipment as well. You should be able to find these second hand on ebay for
your pricerange.

If you're feeling daring / adventurous, a DIY router is also a possibiliy, which only leaves you deciding
what gear for wireless you (prefer) to get.

Let us know what you decide in the end.