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Mississauga, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to ultramancool

Re: Discussion about log retention

said by ultramancool:

Not only does TekSavvy log for 90 days but they're refusing to fight for us in this situation. Really doesn't make them look good in my opinion. I expect TekSavvy to stand up for my privacy. While I'm not personally affected by this, it's certainly affecting their reputation as a company in my mind and the minds of others I've talked to. Maybe Bell/Rogers/Shaw will screw you over for bandwidth but at least they'll go to court to protect you. No such thing on TekSavvy I guess.

I have to say i agree. I kind of expected them to put up more of a fight for their customers privacy and not a well too bad so sad, get legal counsel. I think what left me scratching my head was the bluntness of a "we will release all info when asked by courts" rather then be one of those very popular ISPs as there are several world wide that will fight for the customers privacy.

No if ands or butts.. Lower rentention or put up more of a stink for your customers privacy. I kind of expected that response from rogers, bell, telus not TSI honestly.