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reply to TSI Marc

Re: Discussion about log retention

From a customer point of view - myself - the only length required is one that covers a period where there could be a problem with the service, especially with regards to billing period, overage charges, and service downtime.

From a citizen point of view, with regards to legal matters where evidence is gathered, I point to burden of proof, and the fundamental legal premise of innocent until found guilty. The very act of keeping tabs on citizens implies that we suspect these same citizens without prior, thereby contradicting the premise of innocent until found guilty, essentially transferring burden of proof to the suspect. Thus, the length required should not be determined by such legal matters a priori.

However, when said citizen is a suspect in a criminal investigation, and when a court orders evidence gathering, then TSI should obey the court and gather whatever evidence they are ordered to, and if need be lengthen the log period for this specific suspect IP, as the court requires of course.

But here we're not talking about hypothetical scenarios. We're talking about a real request by a real company, but without a real court order for the request. In this case, log period length is inconsequential since no evidence should be given to anybody in any circumstance whatsoever ever. Therefore here again, log retention period should not be determined by such matters a priori.

And this point is critically important. The request by Voltage should not cause TSI to lengthen log period for any of its customers, nor change its current policy, nor comply with Voltage's request, just because TSI now anticipates a court order to follow this one, or for any other reason directly or indirectly related to Voltage's request.

Consequently, the default TSI policy for log retention period should be determined exclusively by the nature of the service itself, and by the agreements that govern this service. Nothing else.

I'd like to thank you Marc for allowing us to express our opinion on the matter.
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