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San Francisco, CA

[Speed] San Francisco - Arris TG862 + Airport Extreme - Blast -

Hi everyone,

San Francisco, CA resident here. I agreed to a promotion last night which upgrades me from Performance where I've been averaging 25/4 to Blast which so far is giving me 35/4.

I've got an Arris TG862 (in bridge mode) with a 4th gen Airport Extreme router. Not only am I unable to take advantage of iPv6, but I'm reading that a lot of Blast subscribers are getting speeds of 50/10.

I spoke to a Comcast tech today who assured me that my modem had the correct firmware, but he suggested that I should exchange my TG862 for a different model to take advantage of iPv6 as well as increase my speed.

Is this, in fact, what I need to do? Does anyone know which D3 model I should specifically ask for at my local Comcast store? FWIW, I subscribe to Digital Voice as well so it needs to include a phone jack.

Speaking of which --- if I'm currently locked in to a 2-year Double Play contract, is there any way to remove the Digital Voice portion for a comparably priced Internet package without a penalty? I'm starting to think I don't need a landline in addition to a cell phone and I'd like to invest in a Motorola SB6141 in order to get rid of the $7 monthly rental fee.

Thanks for listening. Any and all feedback is appreciated!



Burlingame, CA

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Re: [Speed] San Francisco - Arris TG862 + Airport Extreme - Blas

"Blast!" in the SFBA means PowerBoost speeds around 36/5.5mbps, so you're not really hardware limited right now. 50/10mbps Blast is currently only available in the Northeast, though the expectation is that those upgrades will begin to go nationwide in the first half of 2013.

IPv6 support is convenient, but you're not exactly missing out on anything by not having it right now.

Do you need something like a Zoom 5341J, Cisco DPC3008, Motorola SB6141 or Arris CM820A right now? Probably not, especially if you already own a modem. Then again, the DPC3008 is as low as $70 direct from Amazon if you want the latest, greatest 8x4 channel capability. Having that many channels bonded can also increase the quality of your connection even if you aren't taking advantage of its maximum theoretical throughput.